ArbiSmart Investor Review

Abismart - is it a huge scam or a lifetime opportunity

Who I am

Hi, my name is Alice and I’m an investor at ArbiSmart. I’m here to give you my honest opinion of the ArbiSmart platform and share my experience trading crypto arbitrage using their automated platform.

In this ArbiSmart crypto arbitrage review, I’m going to cover everything about trading with ArbiSmart from signing up and deciding between the account levels to withdrawing profits. I’ll also walk you through some of my investing. All through my detailed review you’ll find screenshots that will give you a feel for the platform and you can also learn more by checking out the website here.

Arbismart main page

How I became an ArbiSmart investor

In mid-September of 2019, I came across ArbiSmart via a Telegram post from a contact who had already been an ArbiSmart investor for almost a year and was a member of the company’s affiliate program. I hadn’t been looking specifically for a trading tech review but this caught my attention. In his post he said that at ArbiSmart I’d be able to make anywhere from 10.8% to up to 45% a year in passive income at minimal risk.

That sounded great, particularly since I’m not a very experienced trader, but before committing my hard earned money, I decided to find out what people had to say who were not getting paid referral commissions and weren’t biased. I starting looking for ArbiSmart crypto trading platform reviews on Reddit and Telegram. I checked them out online and saw they had a solid reputation across all social channels and they got top feedback from clients, including a 5-star Trustpilot Review.

Customer Review Site Trustpilot

What the platform does with your money

One of the reasons why I decided to go with ArbiSmart and not start trading crypto by myself was because of the fact that the risks with automated crypto arbitrage are exceptionally low. Prices change really fast on the crypto exchanges. It can be hard to keep up and I’m not some market expert. I also don’t have hours to spend in front of my laptop, so an automated crypto arbitrage platform was great for me.

If you’re wondering how ArbiSmart works, here’s a quick crypto arbitrage review. The platform tracks prices across a ton of exchanges all at the same time. It looks for the lowest possible Ask price for a specific cryptocurrency and automatically buys the coin. Then, it immediately finds the exchange with the highest available Bid price, selling the coin and making a profit on the spread.

How the system works

Getting started

Registration was very straightforward although I did have to provide verification of my ID and proof of my address, since ArbiSmart is EU licensed. While it took a bit of extra time I had no problem with it since it was actually reassuring to know that I was dealing with a company that followed regulations.

It was super-important to me to only sign up with an EU licensed and regulated company as the crypto world has so many untrustworthy sites trying to scam cryptocurrency traders, promising huge returns and then taking all your savings.


Even so, I decided to start relatively small. One thing I really liked was the way the accounts page shows you a range of how much you can expect to earn depending on your deposit amount, so there are no surprises.


On September 23rd I decided to dive in and deposited €1,500 worth of Bitcoin, and then I let the automated platform do its thing. There are loads of ways to deposit money into your account and you don’t need to already be a wallet owner and hold crypto. You can deposit cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin, like I did, or alternatively you can use a credit card, or send a wire transfer. For more details on the currencies supported, you can check out the ArbiSmart FAQ.

By the end of November last year my balance had already risen to the equivalent of €1,555, as not only did I make 2% in passive income from arbitrage trading, but the token price rose as well. Not bad for zero effort but that was just the beginning. On November 28th I decided to make a second deposit, now I knew what I was doing.

My transaction history

Going up an account level

This time, I deposited €14,000, via wire transfer directly into my ArbiSmart account, changing account levels. The transfer was fast, convenient and hassle-free. My €14,000 was converted to RBIS, ArbiSmart’s native token and added to the €1,555 in my account. In my bank the funds had just been sitting there in my traditional savings account with an interest rate close to zero and the news about negative interest rates wasn’t very encouraging. By late January I had already made an additional 3.8% profit over just 2 months, and was ready to make a withdrawal.

When it comes to withdrawals you hear about all types of scams where you suddenly have to pay huge charges for getting access to your own money, stalling and delay tactics and impossible conditions for withdrawing your profits.

Well, I’m happy to say that my ArbiSmart withdrawal was totally trouble-free. It was fast and easy and within 48 hours I had my money, which I was able to withdraw in Euro directly to my bank account.

I could have withdrawn in BTC or ETH, but I wanted to test out the process of withdrawing in Euro and made a small €500 withdrawal. The ArbiSmart fee was minimal, particularly considering the returns I made on my investing.

€500 withdrawal

Making a 3rd deposit

My next deposit was for €37,000, which added to the €15,647 worth of RBIS remaining in my account raised my account level again. Now I was earning almost 3% per month and by mid April my balance had reached €56,595.

I then made another withdrawal in EUR, this time for €3,000, and again, within 48 hours I saw the money in my bank account with no problems whatsoever.

€3,000 withdrawal

Making a 4th deposit

I was really happy with my investments and I wanted to figure out a strategy for depositing more. My goal was to enjoy the passive income from my monthly profits so I could cut back on my hours and have some more time with my family, have fun and just enjoy life a bit more.

So, I spoke to two people - an acquaintance, who actually works as an investment consultant and my accountant- neither of them has anything to do with ArbiSmart. The consultant advised me, if I was satisfied with how my investments were growing, to take a loan from my bank for a lower interest rate than the interest generated by my investment. That way, I am getting cheap access to capital that I can then use to make more money than I pay out on interest on the loan. My accountant agreed. She explained that this is called OPM (Other People’s Money) and it is a well known investment strategy. It’s a way to make a profit for myself, with a strategy that banks use all the time. They pay us very low interest on our savings and loan this money to others, for much higher profits.

So, I decided to use the OPM strategy for my own benefit and this time I would be the one to make the money and not just leave my bank to make all the profit on my hard-earned savings. I decided to go big as so far, I’ve had a great experience with Arbismart and with its crypto coin arbitrage strategy.

I decided that in the short term my goal was to have around €3,500 passive income on a monthly basis. For that I needed to have a deposit of approximately €120,000.

Since my current balance was around €56,600, I needed around another €80,000 more. In my crypto wallet, I had 4.37 Bitcoins. I decided to deposit 3 BTC as Bitcoin prices have not gone up as I'd expected. I had around additional 12,000 EUR in my bank accounts as well (I have two bank accounts) and to get the rest I applied for loans from both my banks.

I got approved for more than I needed but I decided not to take the maximum amount. Eventually I took a loan of €70,000 at a rate of 7.3 % a year, which is far lower than the profits of around 38% a year generated by Arbismart for my new account balance. Last month I was able to pay my first monthly loan payment to the bank without any difficulty as Arbismart transfered my monthly profits very quickly. The rest of my monthly profits I've already spent on a new laptop for my son and new shoes for me.

My second goal was more long term. I wanted to ensure that when the time comes, I’ll have enough funds to retire comfortably. The whole world is speaking about the growing economic crisis and pension cuts. I wanted to make sure I’m safe from it and have hedged against any hits to my pension. With the help of crypto arbitrage 2020 marks the start of a savings strategy that will take care of me in 2060!

For the long term plan I like RBIS, the Arbismart token, because it is consistently rising in value. There is a limited quantity and as demand keeps growing, supply drops, driving up the price. The amount I've deposited up to now means it is already having a visible impact on my account balance. Whenever I want, I can view the current price of RBIS tokensdirectly on the main screen of the dashboard in real time.

RBIS price on the dashboard

So now, I'm enjoying short term profits as passive income and long term profits as capital gains.

Getting help when I needed it

One great thing about the platform is the way that any time I’ve had a question, I’ve been able to get hold of a real person straight away, although most of the time, the ArbiSmart FAQ has actually had the answers I need. In my experience, any service you use on an ongoing basis HAS to have accessible support from a human being and not just a chat bot that won’t have the answers you need when you need them. At ArbiSmart you can get direct personal support via Telegram, Viber, Messenger, email, Whatsapp or phone whenever you need and the response is professional, friendly and fast.

Putting my profits to work

ArbiSmart has just launched its own EU licensed wallet, which offers a great investment opportunity, with interest of up to 45% a year on the currencies that are stored there.

The wallet is completely separate from the arbitrage platform. It allows people to safely store their crypto, without exchanging their funds into RBIS tokens. A wallet owner can make a profit on their coins instead of leaving them to just sit in a wallet doing nothing and it gives those of us already using the automated system a great new revenue stream.

Considering how much I’ve already made in just a few months, by doing nothing at all, if there’s a way to make even more from my crypto profits once I’ve earned them, then I’m in!

I WhatsApped the support team to learn more and after everything I’ve heard, I’ll definitely be storing my remaining Bitcoin there.

Here you can see our conversation.

Getting help from support team

Risk warning

You need to keep in mind that there is no such thing as a 100% risk free trading. One thing I’ve learned is that the best any of us can do is to try and diversify our portfolios so we don’t put all our eggs in one basket and minimize our exposure finding the lowest risk, highest return investments available. You can also cut down on risk by only investing with a fully licensed company.


ArbiSmart has given me a great trading experience and the automated platform has a lot to recommend it. The algorithm has done all my trading for me and I haven’t lifted a finger. I‘ve never needed to learn how to crypto arbitrage trade or research the best cryptos for arbitrage, as the system does it all on my behalf. Also, the process of getting set up was quick and easy. The platform is really intuitive so I can check in with my account and see where my balance stands at any time, without any difficulty.

I wanted to make money with ArbiSmart and so far, I’ve earned a steady, passive income and the profits were exactly as advertised on the website. Also, I’ve been able to access my money whenever I like, with no delays.

I gradually increased the amount I invested after a “test run” with a small sum and I’d advise that approach for anyone investing somewhere new, no matter how highly recommended they come.

To summarize, my experience with ArbiSmart has been really positive. If you’re looking for an investment opportunity that doesn’t require a huge time investment or any kind of background in finance, I’d definitely give ArbiSmart a go.

Sharing this review

Hopefully, you found this review useful in working out whether or not ArbiSmart offers a passive income opportunity that is right for you. I want to be totally transparent though, so you should know that I joined the ArbiSmart affiliate program as a way to make extra cash, on top of my crypto arbitrage earnings and that’s the reason for this blog post.

I’ve been really happy with Arbismart’s service and am so grateful to the person who introduced me to the platform. I’ve decided to do the same, starting with this ArbiSmart crypto arbitrage review, to encourage people to make the decision to join a regulated platform instead of joining other schemes that promise unrealistic profits and disappear within a few months. This way I can help people not to fall for scams and also make extra profits for myself. It’s a win-win situation and if you join Arbismart, once you see the results, my guess is you’ll be doing the same and introducing it to everyone. I’ve told my friends, family and social contacts about ArbiSmart and so far, the returns have been great. So, maybe check it out as an option if you decide to sign up.

I want to point out that ArbiSmart’s affiliate program is NOT a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) scheme, like many I’ve seen recently. While the rewards increase for the more successful introductions you make and you earn a commission if they bring in new people, there are none of the risks that come with an MLM, such as huge personal startup costs and low compensation. In fact, unlike an MLM, there is no personal investment needed to get you off the ground and compensation is really generous for even the most minimal referral efforts.

I hope that an introduction to ArbiSmart will end up being as worthwhile for you as it has been for me. Please feel free to share this ArbiSmart crypto arbitrage review if you feel it will help someone you know with their investing decisions, and if you think you might be interested in signing up